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the 'surveillance industrial complex'

- Person of interest (TV show)


nba finals game 4 on tape delay. go cavs!


watching the latest episode of veep. one of my favorite shows


Can I avoid the news the whole day today to be able to watch the game this evening pre-recorded? go


watching lost interview of steve jobs. interesting stuff

...Humans are tool builders. We build tools that can dramatically amplify our innate human abilities...


watched the Jungle book movie last night. really good.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens as told by #Emoji #Disney - #YouTube

This is quite well summarized. Could have saved some money at the theatre if I knew this was coming.


i think i just watched one the most dumb ass movies ever "london has fallen" just terrible


Dave Chappelle honoring Eddie Murphy


damn the Punisher jail fight in Daredevil s2e9 is insane


Liberty! - The American Revolution

In the course of the last two week, managed to watch the entire Liberty! The American Revolution documentary series. Very intertaining and educational. Much respect to the founding fathers of the US with all the things they had to go through.


watching the new x-files. feels strange after so many years 'are we truly alone, or are we being lied to'


watching a lot of shark tank