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Single wide ipa

Good stuff. Brings back memories of Colorado and college days


Single wide IPA

Ah the good stuff.



jester ipa

a little watered down but decent tasting especilly when chilled on a hot summer day


Duvel Tripel Hop

decent tasting. although it does have the spicy belgian beer taste to it that i am not the biggest fan of.


The Thirsty Tiger

good tasting single hop called the thirsty tiger from Ramses brewery that i got at


Punk IPA

Damn this is good from Punks brewdog


Duvel Vedett IPA

a nice i had been meaning to try out but couldnt get my hands on till now. 

It says right on the bottle "IPA, BUT NOT FROM INDIA AND NOT REALLY A PALE YALE"


a nice overhopped IPA

a nice overhopped IPA i bought at from a brewery in .