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some nice IPAs

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some really nice dutch craft IPA beers. second one was definitely stronger but both tasted really good


Oh yeah San Mig Light

Almost like water but still chilled and refreshing


Tripel karmeliet

Not a big fan of Belgian beers but this one was pretty good


Single wide ipa

Good stuff. Brings back memories of Colorado and college days



was aight

at wagamama


Single wide IPA

Ah the good stuff.



jester ipa

a little watered down but decent tasting especilly when chilled on a hot summer day


good time having some punk ipa (among others) in Leiden

with my high school buddy ravi and mewa



Checked into Abu Dhabi airport - terminal 3

It was a good flight from Kathmandu to Abu Dhabi as I got upgraded to business class. During take off there were some spectacular thunderstorms over Kathmandu, which was amazing (and a little scary) to see as it lit up all the clouds

While approaching Abu Dhabi, the view of Dubai was really impressive with so much lighting (compared to the electricity starved Katmandu)

Terminal 3 in Abu Dhabi quite nice compared to the round circular (terminal 1?) that I am used to, with so many note places to sit, eat and shop.but still hard to pass the time (7 hours layover)


Khumbu kolsch

Good tasting mellow beer at attic bar with a whole bunch of cousins after trisal in lazimpat. Great night. 



Having my favorite hometown brew with my college buds

With Monty, Dari, Sid, Pandit at decheling garden